Alex and Ani Bracelets

Alex and Ani is the place to buy bracelets for women who are low-maintenance and like to celebrate natural beauty. Alex and Ani bracelets are metallic bangles that hold matching metallic charms. The brand’s pieces have an antique look to them, giving them a classic appeal. A typical Alex and Ani bracelet features one large charm and several smaller ones that represent the brand’s ideology. These small charms encourage good deeds like recycling and practicing compassion. The brand donates a sizable portion of its proceeds to charity, so customers can feel good about their purchases. Popular Alex and Ani bracelets depict mermaids, sorority symbols and animals.

Alex & Ani bracelets are both classic and edgy. Their streamlined construction is sleek, and the charms are artfully designed yet fun. The Key to My Heart Charm Bangle bears a small heart-shaped lock with a keyhole in the middle. The Claddagh Charm Bangle is another romantic bracelet. It features a circular coin-like charm that depicts the hands, heart and crown that are more commonly found on rings. The Best Friends Set is a pair of bangles with dangling heart halves that, when placed next to each other, fit together to make one heart. They are adorable adult versions of the necklaces that are traded among childhood friends.

alex and ani braceletVintage Sixty-Six is a collection of Alex Ani bracelets that embodies the free-loving spirit of the hippie counterculture. The pieces in this collection serve as reminders to live according to pure values. They encourage revolution, reinvention and individuality. The Love Wrap is decorated with the word “love” written in fancy cursive handwriting. Twisted silver or gold surrounds the word on both sides. This adjustable bracelet coils snugly around the wrist and overlaps to stay in place. The Heart Wrap is similar to the Love Wrap, but instead of words, it has a simple heart in the middle. The heart is uneven and a little messy, as if it were drawn by hand. The deliberate imperfections in these Ani and Alex bracelets carry the collection’s message. Elegant jewelry can have personality and be edgy without diminishing its beauty.

Since Ani bracelets are favorites among active women, it comes as no surprise that the brand would offer sports-themed pieces. Charms are adorned with teams’ famous mascots, logos and symbols. Other charms are decidedly feminine. The Apple Blossom and Phoenix charms are lovely and ornate. The birthstone bangles are perfect for women who would like to have singular statement gemstones hanging from their wrists. Each bracelet is empty except for the mounted stone and Alex and Ani’s signature charms.

Alex and Ani’s bracelets are infused with positivity. The Slate Lava Love Wrap, with its translucent gray stones, was inspired by the notion of open-mindedness. The bracelet is beautiful in an unconventional way, which reminds the wearer to look for and appreciate the hidden beauty in other people. The Let Creativity Rule and Live Music bangles encourage artistry and expression. Art and music were important to the counterculture movement of the 1960s, as were clothing and jewelry. Every aesthetic choice became something by which a whole generation could identify. Clothes, literature and music all found inspiration in each other. Alex and Ani pay homage to those ideals with these bracelets.

Alex and Ani offers sets of bangles that do not have charms on them. The different combinations of plain, textured, patterned and rope-like bangles are meant to be worn in stacks on one wrist. These tasteful bracelets are not overwhelming when worn in multiples. The genius of these sets lies in their subtle variations. The thick, patterned bangles are separated by thin, plain ones. These streamlined bangles could be complemented by one of Alex and Ani’s iridescent rings. Each ring has one large stone set on a thick, rough band. The rings are beautiful in spite of, and perhaps because of, how unfinished they seem. The stones speak for themselves without the aid of fancy settings or expensive metals. The different styles represent different personality traits, such as empowerment, patience, loyalty and intelligence. They are spiritual reminders of the wearers’ best qualities and reminders to never stop seeking self-improvement.

alex and ani bracelets
Alex and Ani prides itself on its generosity and no-nonsense approach to design. The brand’s founder, Carolyn Rafaelian, is a staunch believer in the power of grassroots movements and unconventional ideas. She comes from a long line of jewelry makers, and she decided to use her gifts to reach people’s hearts and minds with her wearable pieces of art. The jewelry is made according to ancient holistic practices as they are filtered through Rafaelian’s modern rock and roll attitude. Alex and Ani stays true to its mission by only using locally sourced and recycled materials. The positive spirit of renewal is transferred to everyone who wears the jewelry. Alex and Ani makes jewelry with a message.